Poolsuite x Ralph Lauren

Palm trees and eternal sunshine. Welcome to #RLxPoolsuite. For the first time, Ralph Lauren celebrates Miami's vibrant energy in collaboration with Poolsuite. This is Grand Leisure's first expansion pack.

Ralph Lauren unveiled their first ever store to accept cryptocurrency in the heart of Miami's Design District in 2023 and collaborated with us at Poolsuite Partners to create Grand Leisure's first expansion pack

To unveil the opening of Ralph Lauren's new Miami store in the vibrant and tech-forward design district and introduce the Expansion Pack, an exclusive launch party #RLxpoolsuite was hosted for brand supporters and NFT Poolsuite community members.

Heightening the ambiance is the strategic alliance with Poolsuite, a Web3 community deeply ingrained in the vibrant Miami lifestyle. This collaboration culminates in an exquisite retail experience, seamlessly merging Ralph Lauren's timeless elegance with the groundbreaking vibrancy of the digital era.

'The World of Ralph Lauren' SS23 runway collection in San Marino as references for the Grand Leisure expansion pack

My own Leisurists getting an upgrade  –

"Because living a life of leisure requires you to look the part"

Commemorative NFT AI Artwork airdropped to over 2,500 people